Link Policy

Incoming Links

We appreciate incoming links from anywhere and anyone. You do not need specific permission to link to the Royal Air Force Museum website if you adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Use a text-based link to the Home Page at
  • The text of the link should include the complete name of the Museum as 'Royal Air Force Museum', i.e. no acronyms
  • Do not link to an individual page within the site (deep linking).
  • Do not link to the Royal Air Force Museum website within frames.
  • Royal Air Force Museum graphics and logos, or screen shots of web pages may not be used without prior permission.
  • If there is a particular area of interest on the Royal Air Force Museum site that you would like to link to directly, please contact the Web Manager

Outgoing Links

Links from the Royal Air Force Museum website are only made to sites that provide information relevant to the Museum and its collections, aviation and/or educational materials. Links are typically only made to non-profit (e.g. government, educational, etc.) websites. The Royal Air Force Museum does not link to personal websites or websites selling merchandise that are not directly related to Museum activities.

There are a few instances where the Royal Air Force Museum website will provide links to a corporate or for-profit website if they fit certain criteria. All links to corporate and for-profit websites are carefully considered and reviewed by the Royal Air Force Museum.

If you would like to suggest a link, please: