Using Quick Search

Use Quick Search to search for the word(s) located anywhere in any record in the catalogue. Click on the Advanced Search option on Navigator menu to perform a more specific search of the catalogue. For example, an object Quick Search on the word Black will return all objects which are black in colour, those depicting Black Street, along with those by any artist named Black etc. The more specific your search, the more likely it is that you will get better results using the Advanced Search option.

Searching for Object or Person Records

Use the radio buttons just below the search box to specify whether you want to search for Object records, or for Person records. Reciprocal relationships between Object and Person records are shown in the results, so if you find a painting Object record you can link immediately to the Person record of the painter and vice versa.

To Only Get Results With Images

Click on the checkbox labelled "Only Get Results with images" to return only those object or person records which meet the search criteria and which have an image to display.

Searches with Multiple Words

If you enter more than one word in the Quick Search prompt Navigator will first search for all the words as one phrase exactly as entered.

For example, if you enter "Golf Caddy" in the search prompt, Navigator will return all records in the catalogue containing the text "Golf Caddy".

If, however, you want to search for all records containing either the word "caddy" or the word "golf" (or both words), then select find any word from the drop down box beneath the search prompt.

Searches on Parts of Words

In the Quick Search page you can search for either whole word(s) or any part of a word.

For example, you could enter "impressionis" and change the drop down box beneath the Search Prompt from whole world to any part of the word to find records in the catalogue containing "impressionist", "impressionists" and/or "impressionism".