Using Advance Search

Advanced Search allows you to specify where Navigator should search for each word, string or name.

When you select the Advanced Search option from Navigator menu, you may be presented with a list of collections to choose from plus the option to search all collections. Simply chose the collection you want to search.

The Advanced Search page for the collection displays a prompt for each of the fields or indexes that are searchable. For example, if you know the name of the artist and the date range of the work(s) you would like to browse, enter the name in the Artist Name field and the date in the Production Date field, making sure that the Boolean operator between the two search prompts is set to AND.

Search prompts in Advanced Searches will behave in one of the following ways:

  • Scroll box allowing multiple terms to be selected (e.g. Artist, Media)
  • Drop Down box allowing selection of single term from the drop-down list (e.g. Department, Production Technique)
  • Date Prompt allowing dates to be entered
  • Text Prompt allowing any string of text to be entered

Using Boolean Operators to Search the Catalogue

Boolean Operators allow you to search on several categories of information at once, such as the Artist's Name AND the Production Date. For example, you may want to search on the artist Breughel AND Production Date of 1560s - that way you would exclude paintings by Breughel the Younger.

The Boolean Operators in Navigator are described below:





Narrows the search to those records that meet both the criteria before (if any) and after the AND

Boolean AND diagram


Narrows the search to those records which meet either of the search criteria each side of the OR

Boolean OR diagram


Narrows the search to those records which do not meet the criteria following the NOT

Boolean NOT diagram