About Navigator

The Royal Air Force Museum’s Collections Online Navigator contains a selection of records relating to items in the collection. It is not a complete catalogue of the museum’s holdings but offers, for the first time, an opportunity for you to search our database and find out more about the collection we hold in perpetuity for society and the Royal Air Force. We intend to continually improve this site by adding and updating the records and acting on your comments.

Navigator was born out of a longer term project to increase our accountability, accuracy and access to the collection. This is primarily being done through the implementation of a collections management system. As well as supporting our policies and procedures, improving our in-house management and providing an effective means of locating items to help answer enquiries, we are able to share this information much more efficiently. The records you see in Navigator are as a result of this investment.

Within Navigator you can either browse the highlights, undertake a quick search or a more detailed advanced search which allows more precision. There are four views available:

  • Gallery - viewing results by a thumbnail image;
  • List - viewing results as a text only list;
  • Detail - viewing a thumbnail image and any information associated with that item;
  • Click on the thumbnail from Detail View to get a larger watermarked image (this will open in a new window).

The current version of Navigator covers records from all aspects of the collection. All records have been selected based on our experience of dealing with enquiries and knowledge of the collection. The home page of Navigator presents a selection of highlights from the collection; some of these items will be expected but others will not immediately spring to mind.